Engaged and Engagement

Hello Blogiverse,

It looks like I’m going to be a married man!  During the last 2 weeks of August I’ve been in intensive planning mode for 5 blogs I intend to run, and most importantly, to ask my beautiful Jennifer to marry me. I finally pulled off getting the blogs set up and puttin’ a ring on it so I won on both fronts.

Here are the 4 other blogs that I’ll be writing on. I may end up adding more to my little corner of the ‘verse. I’d appreciate any shares, likes, or follows you could wrangle up for me.

Oregon Reach

The Oregon Reach is the blog I’m going to use to share favorite writers, write positive blurbs about other companies and people that I feel are doing good things, and show love in general. Consider it a content billboard of sorts. You may want to set any sort of updates you get from this one to “Weekly”

Forest of the Soul

This project is a poetry/prose collection of my random thoughts as well as poetic exploration of my soul. Basically, if you’re interested in seeing how an ADHD/ Depression/ Anxiety person explores their own mind, then this should be of interest.

Gabe Schnitzer Real Estate

I’ll be blogging for Gabe Schnitzer, a really nice guy in Commercial Real Estate in Portland. It should be interesting because I’m going to learn as much Real Estate vocabulary as I can and pass that along to the reader, as well as articles of interest about the Oregon area.

The Woman With The Grey Mask

This will probably be the slowest moving blog, as it will be a work of fiction that I started 10-15 years ago. My sister-in-law has been telling me I need to pick up this story, and I’ve been hesitant because I lost confidence in my story-telling abilities. Here I am though, trying to rehab my brain to write fiction again. Any support would be more than welcome here.

I look forward to all future engagement – especially the one that sees me marrying my best friend Jennifer.


If you want your blog shared on the Oregon Reach, just follow the blog 🙂


Forest of the Soul

Anxiety. Is it an expression of survival? Was there an ancestor of mine that grew so concerned with surviving that he didn’t trust anything, not even himself?

Was he ever allowed to emerge from the Forest of the Soul to see the sun?

I guess that’s kind of the question I’m answering with my creative project. We’ll see if that turns out. At least I’m writing more than I have in the past. I must always remember that.

Currently excited about trying to create a couple “parts” of a longer piece in my other blog. Stay tuned. I have a feeling that it will be the only one. I’ll be editing this blog to include links to other projects. Would love to see what you think of it- but I suppose I’ll wait until I get more writing out before I deserve an opinion.

Have a wonderful day, thank you for reading.

You have to read to write? UGH!

“if it doesn’t come bursting out of you
in spite of everything,
don’t do it.
unless it comes unasked out of your
heart and your mind and your mouth
and your gut,
don’t do it.”

In a perfect world, I’d follow these wise words about writing from Charles Bukowski to the t.  However, in the world of trying to blog for others, like I’m beginning to do, I believe I’ll have to submit the following addendum:

“If the writing isn’t bursting out of you, add some fuel to the fire by reading a book…or anything for that matter.”

The moment that writing really stopped for me was about 11 years ago for a number of reasons. My mother was gone. My vision was sliding into legal blindness. Reading had lost its luster due to constant research for writing papers. I was lost, and there was only so much creative writing I could do about being lost, so I focused on being an “adult”.

download (1).jpeg

That didn’t work out so well, as diagramed above. Now I’m aspiring, once again, to be a full-time writer and lordy, I need to read. I feel like I’m missing a lot of words because I let my words slip away. Looks like there’s only one place to go:


Mother effin Reading Rainbow y’all. It’s more like an awesome Kindle my partner Jennifer gave me as a present, but I can still imagine Lavar Burton is around telling me about the joys of reading, right? Right? Oh wait, I’m still an adult. Poop. I guess the alternative is believing anything a Democrat, Republican, or the media tells me, so I better get busy. It will only make me a better writer so off to reading about Commercial Real Estate I go!

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Matt, 1st Writer of the Oregon Influence. 

Recent Writing

“Song of Crickets” 8/13/18 – An opening scene in an imaginary forest in my mind. 

“The Fog of the Mind Sees the Heart” 8/13/18- A love poem of sorts. 

“Finding the Why” 8/14/18- A new post for the Gabe Schnitzer Commercial Real Estate project 

“The Middle of Creation”- 8/14/18 A poem about creation and being in the middle of it with the person I love.

Where Did The Creativity Go?

If I were to describe my efforts with “The Oregon Influence” in a creative way, I’d explain its existence to that of a butterfly. It started with a little caterpillar (me) writing posts in 2017 for a few people to get me to focus on writing in the first place. Then I had a meltdown of sorts, got mad at the idea of writing for the dreams of others, and then I used it strictly to write my angst out. After all that kvetching, I realized that I could create as many blogs as I wanted including a brand new home for my usual poetry/prose efforts- the rapid fire stuff that whizzes in and out of my mind.

Then I got excited. Really excited. I could create an army of blogs, all with Oregon Influence as its heart. I could spend my life writing all the time. Who knows, maybe people will even hire me for one time or regular writing. I’ve already created a project for an awesome dude named Gabe, and I sincerely hope his blog takes off and helps him with Commercial Real Estate, though I know nothing about that industry. Gives me an excuse to learn.

This reminds me; life is meant to be a giant learning experience so enjoy it because you’ll never get out of it alive.

To visit my poetry/prose blog, click HERE and I hope you enjoy my creative project “The Forest of the Soul”. Sounds super #deep, I know, but good luck finding my soul through all the millions of ideas (trees). Look at me being all creative n’ junk.



Gabe Schnitzer Project

I’ve got a first project!

A couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure to connecting with Gabe Schnitzer, a young commercial real-estate broker. He asked me questions about social media and about content. I gave him some thoughts about what I believe content should look like, and then inspiration struck. I said that I’d like to help by creating a page for him, get it started up, and if everything looks good to him we could talk about payment.

Of course there were set back, like the “appencitis-wannabe” apendagitis which walloped me for a week. Then there was the little fact that I haven’t made a blog for a business before. Then there were two jobs I work. A lot of would be excuses but I finally put together something. I’m proud of myself, even if it’s a baby step. I know it will be a long haul because I’ve got a lot to learn and do, and I’m excited to start doing it.

If you feel inclined to visit and follow this blog I’d appreciate it. Pointers would also be amazing. I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Gabe Schnitzer Project

What is the Oregon Influence?

The Oregon Influence is a one-man (for now) freelance writing company with the specific focus on helping small business owners get their message out in a world of social media noise. We are living in an era where a person or a company can explode into the forefront of everyone’s attention with humor, relatable content, and HUMAN interaction with your audience. Every day, large companies with vast resources are hiring people to promote their image all day long with cookie cutter content that hardly inspires yet it gets added to the noise that your potential customers can’t help but notice. Or even worse, they have social media queries answered by a BOT. Apparently, the internet didn’t bring us as close together as one would hope with all these social platforms.

I intend to offer education, consultation, and whatever freelance writing your business may require. It’s my hope that one day I can connect writers to small, local businesses that would like to make a little noise of their own in the form of personal writing.

If you used to follow this blog when it was a personal writing site, just know that a new blog for that endeavor will go elsewhere.

I will be posting my prices shortly, but if anyone would like to talk you can contact me at theoregoninfluence@gmail.com 


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