Gabe Schnitzer Project

I’ve got a first project!

A couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure to connecting with Gabe Schnitzer, a young commercial real-estate broker. He asked me questions about social media and about content. I gave him some thoughts about what I believe content should look like, and then inspiration struck. I said that I’d like to help by creating a page for him, get it started up, and if everything looks good to him we could talk about payment.

Of course there were set back, like the “appencitis-wannabe” apendagitis which walloped me for a week. Then there was the little fact that I haven’t made a blog for a business before. Then there were two jobs I work. A lot of would be excuses but I finally put together something. I’m proud of myself, even if it’s a baby step. I know it will be a long haul because I’ve got a lot to learn and do, and I’m excited to start doing it.

If you feel inclined to visit and follow this blog I’d appreciate it. Pointers would also be amazing. I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Gabe Schnitzer Project


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  1. I think a real estate agent needs to feel like someone I know and trust in order for me to have a relationship with him, even if it is for buying a house. That’s a pretty BIG thing. The blog site is all about he and him as opposed to ‘I’ and ‘me’ …. I think if you change out the pronouns to sound more personal it will draw people in closer. Feeling like they are talking to a friend as well as a professional in his field. Friends are people we can trust, and we are more likely to go to them instead of any other professional when given the chance. Seeing as how this is his site, speaking in the third person sounds weird and not friendly or trustworthy, to me. Hope it helps …. 🙂


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